Let’s meet Kikku

Let's meet KikkuFrom the 27th January to the 8th February the Eco-Gozo Regional Development Department is organising an exhibition featuring Gozitan children's views on eco-Gozo. The exhibition will feature the children's thoughts, paintings and ideas on Gozo and their willingness to see a better Gozo. Many of the drawings and thoughts are those which were provided during during the Public Consultation phase on eco-Gozo which had included an extensive exercise with Gozitan children through schools.

During this exhibition, Kikku, a new mascot will be launched. Kikku will be the voice of children for Eco-Gozo. and will be the front liner to voice the children's thoughts and ideas on how to make our Gozo a better place to live in. For the opening of the exhibition, a representation from each primary school will attend.