Kikku, the front-liner for children on eco-Gozo

Around 500 children attending the Gozo College primary schools participated in the launching of Kikku. Kikku, designed in the resemblance of a bee, will be the front-liner for the children's voice for eco-Gozo. Kikku will be the reference point for all children's desires on matters related to Gozo.

Kikku meets studentsOn Thursday morning, the Ministry for Gozo turned to be the meeting place for students and their teachers to meet Kikku for the first time. Young students were enthusiastic to meet Kikku, with most of them continually waving flags. These flags carried simple messages related to sustainable development for children and a picture of Kikku, the new eco-Gozo mascot. The Hon. Giovanna Debono, Minister for Gozo and the Hon. Frederick Azzopardi, Parliament Assistant at the Ministry for Gozo, together with mayors from different localities joined the students in this event.

Elvira Buttigieg, a student from Għajnsielem Primary School read a decleration on children's outlook on Gozo on behalf of all students. She stated that children intend to join forces with Kikku because all want Gozo to become a better island. "All Gozitan children want to remain able to appreciate the beauty of the countryside and the island's splendid sea. We want to have spaces to play, run and do physical exercise in order to have a healthy lifestyle." The speech was a summary of the messages children conveyed during the Public Consultation phase on eco-Gozo.

children's decrelation

The Hon. Giovanna Debono, Minster for Gozo expressed her satisfaction for the warm welcome children afforded Kikku. While referring to Elvira's speech, the Minster stated that the children's thoughts are in line with the eco-Gozo vision. The Minister also explained that from now onwards Kikku will be the voice of children and will help them be more vociferous regarding the future of their island. She said that in the past months, several initiatives were taken for the benefit of Gozitan children, such as the launching of a teachers' resource pack on Sustainable Development and eco-Gozo, and calendars carrying environmental and healthy lifestyle messages. The Hon. Giovanna Debono invited children to join Kikku and participate in campaigns to promote the environment, health and appreciate better our historical and natural heritage. "Together with Kikku we will continue working so the eco-Gozo vision will turn our island a success" the Minister said. She hoped that this event will remain in the memory of all those present.

The activity came to an end with the inauguration of an exhibition at the Exhibition Hall at the Ministry for Gozo. During the inauguration, the Hon. Giovanna Debono explained that this exhibition was based on the children's writings and drawings gathered during the Public Consultation phase on eco-Gozo. These were reproduced in a creative way and were complemented with natural scenes, resulting in a different setting for this historic hall.

Despite that part of the programme was cancelled due to bad weather, the festive atmosphere created by children attending was nonetheless very present.

 activities for children during the exhibition activities for children during the exhibition activities for children during the exhibition