Let’s meet Kikku in Malta

Kikku; the new mascot acting as children's voice for eco-Gozo, has crossed over to Malta to meet Maltese children. As happened in Gozo, Kikku attracted the sympathy of all children present at the activity organised by the Ministry for Gozo in collaboration with the Secretariat of the Parliamentary Secretary for Tourism, the Environment and Culture.

The activity started from Castille Square where Kikku met some 50 children from Valletta Primary School. These children accompanied Kikku in a walk through Republic Street and Melita Street, finally arriving at the Auberge d'Italie in Merchants Street. Kikku and the children, waving coloured flags with messages related to the eco-Gozo vision, presented a different scenario to commuters in Valletta.

The Hon. Giovanna Debono, Minister for Gozo together with the Hon. Mario de Marco, Parliamentary Secretary for Tourism, the Environment and Culture greeted children, teachers and Kikku at the Auberge entrance. This entrance was transformed in a rural environment with the help of designs and writings collected during the Public Consultation phase on eco-Gozo.

This exhibition which was earlier this year held at the Ministry for Gozo Exhibition Hall, served as an attraction to students and passers-by and also is assisting in creating more awareness about the eco-Gozo vision and what children have to say about it. In Malta, this exhibition will also serve to romote and create more awareness about the eco-Gozo vision among students, children and adults. One other message conveyed through holding this exhibition again in Malta is to stress that the eco-Gozo vision is not relevant only to Gozo but is important for the whole Maltese Islands, especially for the touristic sector.

The Hon. Giovanna Debono expressed her satisfaction that Kikku received a warm welcome by the Maltese students and also expressed her gratitude for the collaboration from the Parliamentary Secretariat for Tourism, the Environment and Culture and the St George Preca College. The Minister explained how Kikku will be a new voice for children and will be the point of reference for all students. She also said that the messages promoted on flags which were distributed to children endorse the eco-Gozo vision and convey practical proposals for action for sustainable development. The Minister for Gozo also referred to the writings children produced on the exhibition boards and explained how their wishes combine well with the eco-Gozo vision.

The Hon. Mario De Marco explained that the eco-Gozo vision is directly linked with the empowerment of the local touristic product which is part and parcel of our tourism product. The Parliamentary Secretary explained that due to the fact that Gozo benefits also from internal tourism, it was fitting that the exhibition was also being held at the Auberge D'Italie. Dr De Marco stressed that Gozo plays an important role in the environmental sector and stated that the eco-Gozo vision helps in valorising more the environment. During his speech, he also referred to the importance of education and encouraged teachers and parents to educate children to be more aware of the environment they live in.

At the end of the activity, the Hon. Mario De Marco and other guests added their messages to those already written on the exhibition boards.

This exhibition will remain open until the 31st March. Opening hours are: Monday to Friday – 08.30-17.00, Saturday 09.00-17.00, Sunday – 09.00-12.30. (19th and 31st March 09.00-12.45)

 DOI – 01.03.2011

Kikku meets students  Kikku meet Maltese students