Public Art in Gozo: exhibition of maquettes

64 Gozitan, Maltese and foreign artists residing in the Maltese islands participated in the scheme Public Art in Gozo as part of the eco-Gozo action plan.  These artists proposed a total of 120 maquettes, to be presented in their original size in various public places around Gozo.

Public art in GozoAll maquettes are being exhibited in the exhibition Hall at the Ministry for Gozo.  The Hon. Giovanna Debono, Minister for Gozo, inaugurated this exhibition. During the opening, the Minister thanked all artists who participated in this scheme and expressed her satisfaction towards the quality and quantity of maquettes submitted. She also explained how this scheme dovetails with several other initiatives being undertaken by the Ministry for Gozo in its commitment to implement the eco-Gozo action plan.

Minister Debono said that these works will embellish public places in Gozo so that Gozitans and visitors alike will have the opportunity to enjoy these works of art, not within the four walls of a museum, but in open air public spaces.  The aim behind this call was to commission contemporary works of art which will turn Gozo into an open-space museum. Through this call, which is an innovative one for the Maltese Islands, the Ministry for Gozo is encouraging and supporting local artists to exhibit their work.

The public art in Gozo scheme was launched in December 2010 with the aim of supporting creativity and promoting Gozo as a more attractive destination.  All 120 maquettes were submitted by artists between the 21st and 25th of February 2011 according to the schemes regulations.

The exhibition will be open to the public until 1st May 2011.  Following this exhibition, the adjudication board will evaluate all entries and select those works of art that will eventually be located in various Gozitan villages.  The adjudication committee is composed of members with expertise in this area.

Public art in Gozo