Reduce 5 tons of CO2 during Lejlet Lapsi Notte Gozitana

Reduce 5 Tons of CO2An innovative campaign and the first of its kind was launched today by the Ministry for Gozo through its eco-Gozo Regional Development Directorate with the support of Gozo Channel.  The campaign aims at generating support from the public attending this year’s Lejlet Lapsi Notte Gozitana between Friday 3rd and Sunday 5th June for an eco-friendly mass-initiative.  Participants are being asked to help reduce collectively at least five tons of CO2 from the environment during this year’s popular event which will undoubtedly see an additional influx of cars in the Gozitan Capital Victoria.  Carbon dioxide pumped into the air from burnt fossil fuel contributes towards high levels of pollution in urban centres.

 “We want to strike a significant difference to our environment in Rabat during a popular event such as the Notte Gozitana which usually attracts a higher number of cars in the area,” said Minister Giovanna Debono during a press conference in which she was flanked by Dr. Joseph Grech, Chairman of Gozo Channel.  “Everybody will have the opportunity to help us reach our goal by participating in this campaign,” said the Minister.  Dr. Grech underlined the company’s support to this initiative “as it helps Gozo reduce its carbon footprint,” he said.  Gozo Channel will be offering two free return tickets in the winter period to all those who successfully participate in this initiative.


The innovative campaign to reduce FIVE tons of CO2 during Notte Gozitana consists in five check-points situated around Victoria which will be manned on Friday 3rd and Sat 4th June while the Lejlet Lapsi activities are taking place in the city. All those who want to participate need to collect a special map which was designed for this campaign and which will be exclusively distributed with The Sunday Times on Sunday 29th May 2011. Participants will be asked to use the map while walking to all check-points and there get a different stamp from each station which will be set up in the following squares:

  • Pjazza Indipendenza,

  •  Pjazza San Franġisk,

  • Pjazza Savina,

  • Pjazza Santu Wistin and

  • Next to Sir M.A. Refalo Centre

Attached to this press release is the official map which will be distributed with The Sunday Times and the five different designs of the stamps.  Each participant needs to complete the map with all five stamps for it to be considered as a valid entry; meaning that the participant/s would have actually walked an average of 1.5Km. All those participating will be asked to record the number of persons walking the distance and the engine horse-power of their car. The map will also contain information for each family to calculate the carbon footprint avoided during the Notte Gozitana.

Maps completed with all five stamps can be redeemed in all of Gozo Channel’s ticketing booths against two free return tickets to Gozo during next October, November, January and/or March. “This is also an opportunity to welcome back in Gozo as many Maltese people as possible to experience the beauty of the Gozitan countryside in the winter period,” said Minister Debono.

A total of 40,000 maps will be distributed with The Sunday Times on Sunday 29th May.  Due to the large amount of tickets made available by Gozo Channel, this will be the only opportunity for people to acquire a map to participate in the Reduce 5 Tons of CO2 campaign. For further details follow the link to

This initiative is being organised by the eco Gozo Regional Development Directorate within the Ministry for Gozo in collaboration with Gozo Channel and the organisation committee of this year’s Lejlet Lapsi Notte Gozitana.