Celebrating Gozo, reducing CO₂


This year's Lejlet Lapsi Notte Gozitana will undoubtedly be an event not to be missed.  Kicking off on Friday 3rd till Sunday 5th June, all three evenings will have their own special charm, ushering another summer season during which Gozo will again offer its unique blend of culture, cuisine and traditions coupled with the magnificent sites and places to visit on our little island.  The Notte Gozitana will this year showcase Gozo's traditions through separate occasions, happening on Friday 3rd June, whereby a traditional wedding, and a typical village festa will be reenacted and visitors can eat and drink while joining in the fun of these joyous moments.  This year's special event which is being held on Saturday 4th June will feature an epic presentation with a spectacular parade and show intended to take those present through the history of the island of Gozo. From Ġgantija to an Eco Island in the making, is the theme of this grand show.While this year's Lejlet Lapsi Notte Gozitana  is again expected to attract thousands of Maltese visitors and tourists to our capital Victoria, we felt that our efforts could only be complete if we designed an eco initiative to go with the festivities launched.  It was our team within the Eco Gozo Directorate who crafted an innovative and exciting game which targets to reduce by at least five tons the CO₂ from car emissions during that weekend.   This may also be interpreted as providing sustainable entertainment for the attraction of foreign and  Maltese visitors while holding to our declared eco mission of transforming Gozo into a sustainable island by 2020. Thanks to the support received from the Gozo Channel Co Ltd all those participating in this eco initiative will not only be helping  towards the protection of the environment but they will also be receiving free ferry tickets that will enable  them  to return and enjoy Gozo during the winter season.

All those who wish to participate will be asked to get the special map which will be distributed  with The Sunday Times on Sunday 29th May and collect five eco-stamps from the five check-points set-up around Victoria. By walking to all check-points each participant will be completing a walking distance of 1.5Km which will result in the actual reduction of carbon footprint during those days. It will also be made possible for each family to calculate the amount of CO₂ reduced through their respective participation. Our aim is to collectively reduce 5 Tons of CO₂.

Lejlet Lapsi Notte Gozitana

This is yet another initiative that aims to reduce Gozo's carbon footprint from car emissions. Later on this year another major milestone will be reached through the implementation of the public transport reform in Malta and Gozo which will also result in further reduction of emissions from public transport buses. The new contractor taking over the public transport network will not only give Gozitans,  Maltese visitors and tourists a fresh new schedule enhanced with new routes and extended hours of public transport, but will also ensure that our old  buses are replaced with a new, comfortable and  less polluting fleet.  This will not only contribute towards the actual reduction of CO₂  emissions  through the new buses but it should also encourage Gozitans and visitors to make more use of the public network and  less of their private cars.  We envisage further reductions in CO₂ emissions in the years to come thanks to this major reform in public transport which the Nationalist Government effected as part of its electoral programme that aims to make our islands cleaner and more environment friendly.

Gozo is truly a gem in the Mediterranean, and our declared mission is to make of it an ecological haven to be admired and enjoyed by all those who step or live within it.  Our culture and prospects for the future will again be promoted in this year's Lejlet Lapsi Notte Gozitana during which all are welcome to join in celebrating Gozo.




One can download the full programme by following this link.