World Environment Day 2011 celebrated in Gozo

The Marine Wildlife Roadshow

The Ministry for Gozo through the Directorate for Eco-Gozo Regional Development is organising several activities to celebrate World Environment Day in Gozo.  A special activity – The Marine Wildlife Roadshow by Andy Starbuck of the Marine Wildlife Society of the UK - will be held on Saturday morning during this year's Notte Gozitana.  This activity will be held at Independence Square between 9am till noon. The general public is invited, particularly parents with children. This event is being held in collaboration with Nature Trust Malta.

The Roadshow aims to raise awareness of key marine wildlife species, to promote better attitudes to the conservation of species, to raise awareness on various issues such as impact of marine rubbish and debris on wildlife and to reduce human impact on vulnerable marine species in the Mediterranean Sea. Moreover it should foster awareness on Maltese wildlife as an important component of national heritage and as a valuable contributor to tourism in Gozo.  This Roadshow is being presented during this week to Gozitan Primary School students.  Sessions include a short DVD presentation, interactive presentations, distribution of printed resources such as posters and booklets.

This year's theme for the World Environment Day is the International Year of Forests.  In the past weeks, the eco-Gozo Regional Development Department has commemorated this event by planting a total of 2300 new trees at Taħt Chambray.  This action is one of the 80 measures listed in the eco-Gozo short-term measures 2010-2012, that of increasing at least 1% of the tree cover around Gozo.

World Environment Day 2011  Andy Starbuck interacting with children during the Marine Wildlife Roadshow

 02. 06. 2011