Smart Civic Centre - Creation of a Child Care facility at Gharb

child care centre

The Smart Civic Centre Project proposed by the Għarb Local Council will incorporate the setting up of a childcare centre and the procurement of an eco cab and an eco truck.

The childcare centre will offer its services to the whole population of Gozo and will be open seven days a week all year round, from 0730 to 1700, thus facilitating the entry of women with young children to enter the labour market.

With the procurement of the Eco Cab and Eco Truck, which are electrically powered, the local council will be providing a cleaner, greener and more sustainable means of transport.  The eco cab offers its green service to the residents of the locality and to community members with special needs and limited mobility. This service is also extended to tourists visiting the embellished Wied il-Mielaħ Area.

The eco truck replaced a second-hand 25-year-old gasoline-powered truck with a clean and sustainable new electrically driven vehicle to serve the day-to-day upkeep and maintenance work within the locality.

This project was eligible for 95% of its funding through the eco-Gozo scheme for Local Councils.

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