Economic sustainability is fundamental for both continued development and the setting of adequate safeguards for the physical and cultural ethos of the island of Gozo. The Gozitan regional economy in terms of per capita output and income is smaller than that of the islandof Malta. The reasons for this disparity could include the productivity of workers in the Gozitan economy, the rate of employment in Gozo out of the working age population, and the share of the working-age population within the total population in Gozo.

Gozo has limitations in attracting foreign direct investment, arising from issues ranging fromdouble insularity to an apparent mismatch between the needs of the industry and the skillsavailability of the workforce on the island. The island also has particular strengths to attract investment, particularly in the form of a competent, flexible workforce and an overall high quality of life. Gozo's distinctive characteristics and Government's commitment to move forward with the eco-island vision call for a different approach for job creation on the island.

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Government proposes to:

• Create a multi-floor complex to be used as a small eco-friendly business park having the necessary infrastructure to attract offices in financial services, ICT, and related technology companies.

• Set up a one-stop-shop in Gozo where potential investors and company officials can meet with regulators, inland revenue officials, employment and training officials, and Malta Enterprise Gozo Desk in one location.

• Carry out a human resources supply and demand analysis in Gozo so that the needs of industry are met, and focus on the promotion of selected activity for Gozo.

• Create additional schemes and modify existing ones to enable positive discrimination towards investment in Gozo.

• Assess the level of the IT connectivity required by Gozo to support a healthy level of activity in this sector.

• Conduct a Gozitan graduate study to find out where Gozitan professionals are working and establish the skills/resources they have to offer in order to contribute towards the development of Gozo.

• Plan for higher employment diversification in Gozo.


Government proposes to:

• Carry out a market analysis to identify the most appropriate type of Meetings, Conferences and Incentives travel to Gozo, which would be compatible with the eco-Gozo vision and to synergise the different components of the island’s product availablefor this sector

• Create infrastructure for additional temporary yacht berthing facilities and support the cruise liner market whilst exploring the possibilities for permanent and new berths.

• Launch and promote the website portal

• Resume an international marketing campaign on Gozo as a unique diving destination.

• Develop the Gozo tourism brand on the basis of the eco-Gozo strategic direction and increase efforts in marketing Gozo as a distinct tourism destination.

• Include tourism awareness in the eco-Gozo schools programme (in the primary and secondary schools).

• Adopt a regional agro-tourism policy specifically for Gozo and as a niche industry for Gozo.

• Support and market existing high-quality festivals and cultural events at an international level as part of government’s strategy to market Gozo as a distinct destination and as an added value to the national tourism product.

• Promote the introduction of fishing experience offers to tourists while in Gozo.



For this priority area, government proposes to:

• Set up an electric cab system for Victoria.

• Create pedestrian precincts in towns and villages and raise awareness on the economic and social benefits of pedestrian zones.

Introduce hybrid and electric cars in its fleet and also promote the use bio fuels as a commitment towards using alternative sources of energy for transport purposes.